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Bio Inc MOD APK v2.935 ( Unlimited biological coin)

Posted 10 months ago by Thuỷ Dương
Name Bio Inc
Publisher DryGin Studios
Version 2.935
Size 64M
Category Simulation
MOD Features Unlimited biological coin
Support Android 2.3+

Bio Inc is the game for you to learn and improve your knowledge of medicine. But players won’t be here to do good things. Even from the point of view of a doctor, you are the reason for their job to work properly. That’s right, sowing germs and growing in the human parts is your job. While everyone is trying to fix their illnesses to keep the patient healthy, you do the opposite. Bio Inc lets you decide human destiny in the most negative direction. But it can also help you to learn more about the spread of common to rare diseases.

While you are doing your job, the team of doctors are trying to do just the opposite to keep the patient alive. It can be said that this is the race in terms of science. Don’t be afraid to feel like you’re doing a bad thing, keep testing to improve your illness. You should also try playing the villain sometimes. It is also very interesting, especially when you have mastered a certain disease that threatens human survival.

Bio Inc mod

Download Bio Inc mod – Create dangerous epidemics

Choose where to grow the pathogen you want, it can be anywhere. Making the disease more dangerous over time, that’s exactly what you need to do. You are not limited to implementation in Bio Inc. There are countless ways to make a molluscum contagious a high-risk disease. The team of doctors can be considered as the main opponent of the player, they are always trying to improve the technology to fix what you cause. If the life continues then you will be the loser in this game. Whatever you think it’s really bad, do it ASAP.

Bio Inc mod apk


Bio Inc has 18 stages and diverse screens simulating the process of forming and developing diseases. The player is like an evil ruler. Having these pathogens in your hand, you will transplant them inside your body. Over time, the body will deteriorate and gradually decline in health. Of course, they still have the help of doctors. They are not a trivial force either. If your illness does not grow quickly, it can be easily extinguished. Hundreds of medical conditions are available for you to apply to your own strategy.

Bio Inc mod download

Improve medical knowledge

Players are allowed to perform on all human systems. You are allowed to do everything freely to develop your illness. These things help players gradually get acquainted and form an understanding of the disease in general. How do they work and what they do to prevent it. Unlike a doctor, you are a germ carrier, so you will have the clearest understanding of bacteria. Slows down the patient’s recovery and causes them to fall into paralysis soon. If you feel guilty about everything you’ve done, try saving the victim’s life in the end. I read that share in Google Play reviews.


Bio Inc has done a great job on the visual part, players will see the most obvious parts of the human body. You can zoom in and out, but the sharpness will not decrease. Bio Inc is a simulation game that creates a realism that is appreciated by players. In addition to improving understanding of health, players can also observe the clearest images.

Bio Inc mod android

Bio Inc is the game for you to master an illness and grow it to become more terrifying. Caused the victim to have the worst outcome. Of course, you’re not the only one in the game. Besides, there are still a team of doctors and doctors day and night finding ways to cure the disease. Download the Bio Inc mod to go ahead and not give them a chance to help their patients recover.

18 stages with different gameplay

Just like what I described earlier in the graphics section, “Bio Inc” offers a lot of human action mechanisms. In which there will be sections such as Circulatory, Respiratory, Nervous, Muscular, … Every time you touch a tag, it will emphasize the part you want to harm. What is your right to put into pathology? But players will have to use all their inference and regret alone to damage all parts. The goal is to make reasonable effects to work together and increase the rate of illness. At the bottom of the screen will be a small box filled with the number of days the patient has lived since coming to your medical facility. The shorter the number, the more points you gain. Besides, there will be two indexes of Bio Points and Recovery, which are factors to refine your efforts. If the higher the index, the patient will live more persistently than those with a low index.

Download Bio Inc (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Unlocked)


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