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CSR Classics v3.0.3 MOD APK + OBB (Money/Unlocked Cars) Download

CSR Classics
App Name CSR Classics
Publisher NaturalMotionGames Ltd
Genre Racing
Size 900M
Latest Version 3.0.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money & Unlocked All Cars
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Racing is a risky activity and requires participants to have outstanding skills to become winners. Many people have a strong passion for the activity, so it has been developed into racing games on all platforms. This article will introduce CSR Classics, a high-speed racing game, using superb 3D graphics, and at the same time, perfectly simulating all the working mechanics of a vehicle. The impressive thing about the game is that it contains only classic racing cars back in the 90s. Therefore, the game will not have any appearance from modern cars or have a high performance. This game will give players great experiences while driving legendary racing cars.

CSR Classics



Classic racing cars always bring a sense of nostalgia and impressions to the player regardless of the game. CSR Classics will simulate the most authentic feeling and racing experience for those special vehicles. Moreover, the gameplay is fast-paced, suitable for those who love continuous action or want to drive classic cars on special roads. The game is completely focused on classic cars, even comes with many special systems for players to develop and upgrade them for better performance. The game will also introduce many exciting events and activities, where players have a chance to show off their racing skills to the world or other players.

CSR Classics


CSR Classics’ control mechanism is simple and friendly to the player; it is smart and can help players control the vehicle with ease. The control system’s great thing is the gearbox mechanism, a function that can be controlled automatically or manually. The player can change the vehicle’s speed and power through the gearbox, making it easier for them to cross terrain and reach 1st place. The player focuses on reaching maximum speed and utilizing the terrain effectively, thereby easily eliminating other opponents to get close to the finish line. Accompanying it is a friendly and flexible interface, and players can personalize the interface for a more enjoyable control experience.

CSR Classics


Classic cars have been discontinued today, so it won’t be easy to find a unit to collect. CSR Classics will satisfy players’ collectible feel of classic cars and present them with a range of specially designed vehicles. Furthermore, each vehicle comes with a separate upgrade system, allowing players to upgrade and improve their vehicle’s performance to new heights. Legendary cars can return to the top after a few tweaks, and players can freely change and customize it to the style they want.

CSR Classics


Vehicle customization and personalization are always the favorite items in every racing game, giving players the freedom to design vehicles. CSR Classics will introduce a rich and varied vehicle customization system, where players can easily transform an old car into a monster. Players can easily change the front, hood, spoiler, skirt, and more of any vehicle they want. Additionally, players can unlock special parts and easily insert them into any vehicle to enhance their performance.


CSR Classics uses a special graphics engine to build worlds, environments, and vehicles in a lifelike and lifelike way. Not only that, but the image quality and optimization of the game are perfect, giving players a lot of fun while enjoying this game. The game’s visual effects and graphics are developed in-depth and meticulously to make the player’s interaction with the environment as realistic as possible.

CSR Classics


CSR Classics will continuously give players a strong motivation to entertain and relax with other players. It will continuously host exciting events and activities to excite the riders while at the same time giving them generous rewards and special titles. Besides, activities such as daily challenges will be opportunities for players to drive new cars. Each challenge is individually designed, and they will have customizable vehicles available, and the player must fulfill all of the set targets. The rewards for the challenge are generous, and players can replay all challenges anytime, anywhere.

Classic cars are now rare, and a few of them can be used for racing. CSR Classics is a game that satisfies all enthusiasts of classic cars, and they will be able to drive them in an immersive and satisfying 3D environment. If you are a racing lover and want to enjoy classic driving’s nostalgic feelings, this game promises to simulate those feelings with the most authenticity.

Introduction to CSR Classical Game

Produced by the most experienced and skilled workers in the automotive industry. Many cars in the 60’s auto industry, including cars over 60 years old, have a lot of indifference to historical values: Pontiac, Shelby, Ford GT40, Plymouth Superbird. And classic models from Dodge, Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Chevrolet, Shelby Mustang GT500, Plymouth, and others. They will make you happy with the car of your choice. CSR Classics includes more than 50 classic and modern cars, with many goals in global automobile production. Every car model is a story full of history and culture of every period. Which car would you choose for the next exciting race?

You have to transform your favorite old state car into the best car and turn the old rusty car into a mighty warrior. You are renewing an old, scratch-filled license plate into a brand new one with bright hues. The color of the paint, rearview mirror, windshield, and rainwater make the interior of the car the most beautiful, luxurious, and luxurious.

Famous supercar

The CSR classics will feature a lot of disagreements between fighters like Chevrolet Camaro vs Dodge Superbetty, Cobra Speed ​​Warrior vs Mercedes 300SL, Skyline GT-R vs Ford Mustang, which promises to accelerate. Exciting race every second. In battles that can only be seen on your television or computer screen, you can now experience the ghosts of monsters driving on the track. Take part in the best local racing events for the best racer in the city or in the country where you live. Join the infamous gang of the city, drive together in every corner of the city, stay together all night, and beat all the other formidable opponents. That feeling is amazing, very unforgettable, isn’t it? This city is yours.

With a game size of 24 MB, it’s no surprise that the game’s platform is very nicely designed. This version is much lighter than other racing games. Because the size of the game is so small, the base phone available in the market has enough power to easily fight games, and the requirements are much easier than if your device is running the Android 4.0+ operating system. Mobile devices are currently running Android 6.0 and higher.

Although the size of the game is relatively small, it does not disappoint the player. With stable picture and sound quality, pictures of street corners are painted in detail, and antique cars are detailed and vivid with small parts. The sound that comes into play is very simple and is suitable for accelerating, shifting or braking each strand of your vehicle faster. The movement of the car looks very attractive, which increases the excitement of the player and smokes in the rear. The car looks majestic.

To prevent unauthorized actions and malicious hacking to make unauthorized purchases, we provide you with a solution that allows you to select “Set or Change PIN” in the “Settings” menu on the Play Store homepage. Set You should create a complex PIN to prevent hackers from accessing your account and then use the high-quality “friends option” option. With this setting, you have to enter the correct password each time you pay for a purchase in CSR Classics.

Why not download CSR Classical now?

Guaranteed to bring you an era of joyful, exciting motion. The graphics are sharp and the sound is loud, giving players the most realistic feeling when facing opponents on the track. They play CSR classics to study your skills in the strongest and most formidable opponent they are waiting for to defeat you. Simple, flexible options to meet user requirements when installing customizations in the game. The control panel is personalized for you if you want to change your gaming habits. With us to conquer every busy winding road in the world, beautiful landscape graphics will increase your excitement to love the game more. The next era of the world’s leading racing game series is waiting for you!

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