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Cut the Rope 2 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.33.0

Modded by APKMODY

Name Cut the Rope 2
Publisher ZeptoLab
Genre Puzzle
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Version 1.33.0
Size 55M
Requires Android 4.4
Price FREE

Introduce about Cut the Rope 2

Cut the Rope is one of the most popular game series in the puzzle category. It is released by ZeptoLab – a game studio based in London. They always try to develop scientific products that are fun, but very appeal.

The game that I want to introduce to you is Cut the Rope 2 – one of the most popular games in the series. Are you ready to join with Om Nom on a journey to find the sweet candies?

Find candies for Om Nom

Cut the Rope 2 revolves around the story of finding sweet candies of Om Nom. When he was away with the rest of the Nommies family, a thief broke in and took their favorite food source. Thanks to some evidence found, Om Nom tracked into the nearby forest and noticed, the thief had dropped candy on the way to escape.

Now, Om Nom and the other members of the Nommies will join the sweets search process. Please help him!

An interesting puzzle game

The goal in this game is to help Om Nom get back the stolen candies so he and the Nommies won’t die of starvation.

Each level in Cut the Rope 2 contains some candies. They are being tied with ropes. Om Nom cannot climb, so you have to cut the strings so that the candy can drop to his mouth.

A piece of candy can be tied with a lot of strings. But only one cut yields the best results. Find a sensible tactic that uses the least number of cuts. Make the candy roll towards Om Nom and collect all three stars at the same time. Collect more stars, you will get more bonuses and unlock some new content!

Currently, Cut the Rope 2 has more than 160 levels with a series of new challenges waiting for you to solve. Can you, together with Om Nom, collect all the stolen candies, and at the same time make the thief suffer consequences for the things that have caused?

The journey of a thousand miles has only just begun

Like climbing, the levels in Cut the Rope 2 will gradually become more difficult. The candies are arranged in a more dangerous position, not allowing you to make mistakes. Because just one cut of the wrong wire, you will have to play again.

Moreover, in the level also appears some obstacles. Although they play a passive role, they will act on the candy, preventing the candy from moving towards Om Nom. At that time, using Hint assistants was very helpful. But you should not overdo it, because that will lose the fun of the puzzle game.

Choose the challenge you want

Cut the Rope 2 is not like other puzzle games. Before entering the puzzle, you can choose one of the three challenges of the game, such as collecting three stars, not collecting stars, or collecting fruit (depending on the difficulty, the amount of fruit needed can range from 15 to 50), play with limited time and more. Complete one of those challenges, you can unlock the next level.

However, some special stages require Om Nom to have a sufficient number of medals to continue the journey. Therefore, at some levels, you are required to perform more than one challenge to get the medal. This will contribute to an increase in performance points at that level.

Use items and hints if you get stuck

There are several types of in-game support items. You will have to use them flexibly for Om Nom to collect the candies and complete the corresponding challenge.

For example, Om Nom needs to collect three stars. But when you cut a rope that is tying Om Nom, he falls down and is unable to collect a remaining star. Use the bubble item to pull him into the air. Then cut the rope to bring him back to where he was, continue to eat the candy to complete the level.

In other cases, Om Nom can also use bombs to hit objects on the map, causing them to move closer to him. Or use the suction item, to suck the balloon that is forcing the other candy towards you.

MOD APK version of Cut the Rope 2

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Cut the Rope 2 has only one currency, which is coins. They are used to buy support items in the store. Includes Power (Power-ups), hints. In addition, you can also use coins to buy decorative items like skin for Candy, Om Nom costume and wire cutting effects.

Cut the Rope 2 is a game for you to use your intelligence to help green creatures eat candy. Om Nom is his name, the player will go on an adventure in the forest and find a way to alleviate his hunger. Candy is hanging on a rope, you don’t just let the candy fall by his mouth. Collect all three stars if you want some bonuses, giving Om Nom candy is only a requirement if you want to go to the next level. Performing many requests at the same time makes you need to think for the candy to go on its way. Just make sure Om Nom can eat candy but still has 3 stars. Each level tells you more new ways to improve your intelligence.

Someone stole Om Nom’s food and now he always seems very hungry. The candies are arranged all over the forest, you don’t need to find it. Let the candy fall and still meet the criteria for that level. Unlock new levels but don’t forget the bonus, it helps you get many items in the shop. Cut the Rope 2 is a brainstorming adventure that takes you to many places to conquer a single candy.


Download Cut the Rope 2 MOD – Intellectual challenge cut the rope

Through the forest, the player will reach the junkyard, the city, but the levels remain unchanged. The candy can be connected by ropes or hung on many balloons. You need to break the balloon or cut the string so it will hit the blue creature’s mouth. Through the game screen with rewards or nothing depends on your play style. Of course, you have the right to replay that level to increase your performance to the highest level. Cut the Rope 2 creates valuable coins because the bonuses you get are small, but to buy new balloons or customize the character you lose a lot of money. That’s why please cherish the coins in this game.

Collect balloons

Balloons act as supports in this game. You can make the candy soar to get closer to Om Nom. Each type of balloon has a different effect, as follows. Red balloons are used for candies to fly, purple balloons like bombs create explosions, and with the swirl, you can let Om Nom appear at any location to collect items… In the store it is quite expensive, you should use the support at the right time.


You are not sure how to let the candy fall in Om Nom’s position, do not worry about clicking the yellow icon to get hints from the game. If not you need to buy it in the same store as balloons. The price per suggestion is not cheap either.

Customize Om Nom and other items

Change hairstyles for Om Nom, customize candies and traces when cutting strings, that’s what you can customize in the game. Each option has a different price equivalent to the value of each item. It seems that Cut the Rope 2 makes players have to cherish every coin they earn. There is nothing cheap in all the items in the store, but making money is difficult. This is a puzzle game I like, it makes me think that my effort is something expensive.

Cut the Rope 2 has many new characters and levels constantly being updated. The player’s brain is constantly working to figure out how to decode each game screen. Om Nom is always very hungry, don’t make him sad by letting the candy fall out of place. Download Cut the Rope 2 MOD leave three stars in each level that you have completed.

Download Cut the Rope 2 MOD APK for Android




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