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Gangstar Rio: City of Saints (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints (MOD, Unlimited Money)


Gangstar Rio: City of Saints – a unique mobile blockbuster based on the ideas and concepts of the GTA series: the same attempts to build a criminal career, the same crime-riddled city, the same limitless scenery filled with challenges and virtual inhabitants. Even the gameplay hardly offers at least a couple of new tasks: from the start you have to rob, kill, steal cars, and then hide from the police in the cramped shacks of friends.
After a couple of “running errands” missions, the main character’s career will go uphill – new equipment is unlocked, which is easier to buy with a mod for money, additional tasks will appear, and at the same time the risks of being left with nothing will increase. But this is the fate of every evil genius.

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints is a super special game for mobile devices today. Game Genre Action – Role Playing and developed by the Gameloft family. This game simulates the intense fighting scenes of Brazil in a noisy time. This game is considered a unique action sandbox in its famous Gangstar series, promising to give players many opportunities to explore. With many outstanding features with various missions, players will be attracted to them without getting bored or disappointed. If you want to understand why this game is so popular, let me explain through this article!



Join the game, and you will be playing the role of a famous character named Angel – a former member of the Assassin’s gang. Angel grew up in the rat-town of Rio, is a rich and well-mannered guy. After meeting Anna, Angel fell in love and decided to give up her street life. However, the day when Angel and Ana decide to leave to find a peaceful life is, unfortunately, the fateful day of “breaking up forever” of the two. A bomb was installed in the car by bad guys, causing Angel to lose everything: the car exploded, Angel’s lover Ana had to die, and he was seriously injured.

That tarnished truth closed his dreams of love and a happy home. Angel had to undergo surgery, and his handsome face was also deformed, becoming a completely new face. Angel, with the desire to find out the evil that caused him to get revenge, Angel determined to return to gang life to investigate the person who stole his good love.



There are more than 60 missions plus dozens of unexpected events that you must complete in this game. Your specific missions include breaking, chasing, and destroying targets. The necessary weapons that you can use, like knives, guns, and dynamite blocks. You can also use tanks, rakes, helicopters, or armored vehicles to move across different terrains, following your strategy.

Customization for your favorite character is also freely available. You can get creative and explore shirts, hats, eyeglasses or pants, and other outfits to give your character a cool and impressive look. Decorating these items for the character helps to beautify and increase the character’s strength. Coming to the game, you will have the opportunity to explore a vast Brazilian country with new things. You can set foot anywhere you want, freely explore the vast city, or where you live, for example.



As can be seen, the manufacturer has been very skillful in winning gamers’ hearts by creating a beautiful 3D graphics style. The scene is harmonious and vivid, combined with realistic sound, rich in association, has created extremely magnificent frames. The selected game scene also has many aesthetic features, both airy and majestic, large with towering buildings, a modern road system with many large beaches, and large commercial centers.

Simultaneously, the charismatic way of playing makes the player indulged in endless passion; with the quests that the game sets, players can get back many rewards with extremely high values. The game is also highly tactical, giving you a good role-playing ability and experiencing the same magical feelings in real action movies.



Join the game, and you will discover many places, from the city of Rio to other areas such as the famous slum, the commercial district, the jungle, or the beach. All will be recreated in 3D space to attract players. You will complete different tasks to find the culprit who intentionally assassinated you and destroyed politicians who engage in greedy behavior. It would be best if you acted to keep the witness safe, quickly find important clues to revenge.

With the help of a variety of vehicles and weapons, you will quickly find the culprit. Gun weapon treasure trove includes pistols, rifles, tank guns, and other guns. You can purchase, collect or steal vehicles for your travel purposes.

Therefore, if you want an engaging and great action playground to explore, do not hesitate to experience this super game! Having fun!

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