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Hearthstone Mod Apk (v21.2.91456) (MOD, Unlocked All Features


Games can be more than just a fun way to pass the time; they also offer several mental health benefits. There are different types of virtual games, like hundreds of enthusiastic gaming genres containing Action, Adventure, Strategical, Casino, Card, and Board and more enthusiastic gaming genres. But If You’re wandering for an Android game having the best benefits like better mental health and the enhanced personal development, You can go for the Card games.

Game Name Hearthstone Mod Apk
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Card
User Reviews 4.4 out of 5 Stars
Current Version
Last Update
02 September 2021
39 MB


Moreover, If You’re finding for the best Card game, You can try Hearthstone once. It’s a card game developed for Android smartphones and one of the top-grossing card games on the Google Play Store. Hearthstone is an exclusive Android game based on the Card genre and consists of all the world-class Card-Battle features.

You can enjoy hundreds of powerful characters and their legendary powers with thousands of cards in your deck. Just download the modified version of the official game and start enjoying the robust cards unlocked free of charge. All It costs is your little struggle to tap the below download link and install it on your smartphone.

Hearthstone mod Apk

Most enthusiastic creation by the Blizzard Entertainment

Card games can help you in surprising ways, like enhancing your mind’s concentration power, enhanced maths skills, and logical thinking. Moreover, You can also play these games for top-notch entertainment with some world-class creations like our Hearthstone. Hearthstone is one of the fabulous results by Blizzard Entertainment Inc. It’s a great game developer brand dedicated to creating the most epic entertainment experiences.

You can download Hearthstone on Android and iOS smartphones, and both the gaming interfaces are ditto same. The game starts with the first glimpse of an animated gaming interface where you can choose your favorite mode from all the listed gaming modes. Moreover, You can also go for the training mode to help you employ all the game powers, modes, and characters fluently. So start your Card-gaming today with the Hearthstone game, and go for the most impeccable advancement!

Enjoy all elegant modes like AI Training and the authentic PvP play

The game is one of the brilliantly designed interfaces from Blizzard Entertainment Inc. It’s an exclusive game that’ll offer you one of the most astounding experiences you have never experienced yet. Let’s start observing the game modes; So Hearthstone grants you all the groundbreaking gaming modes you desired, like the below list –

  • Adventure Mode
  • Arena Mode
  • Practice Mode
  • PvP Mode
  • Ranked Play
  • Tavern Brawl
  • Spectator Mode
  • Last Hero Standing

These are all the breathtaking game modes available inside the Hearthstone Android game and are ready to offer you the most enthusiastic gaming universe. So stop waiting for a fairy tale offering you an elegant choice; elsewhere, download Hearthstone and start the quality gaming!

Master this Card game and defeat hundreds of enemies

Gone the days when you were supposed to use the simplistic cards in the Android card games since Hearthstone is here now with over 3500 fully playable cards. Yeah, You heard right; This enthusiastic creation can offer you a total of 3645 cards, where you can collect over 2400 cards simply, and the remaining 1000+ legendary cards are damn hard to be obtained. The Cards available inside the game are sorted in the below classes –

  • Spell
  • Minion
  • Dream Card
  • Project Card
  • Hero
  • Quest
  • Spare Part
  • Toxin Card
  • Omega Card
  • Power Chord
  • Weapon Cards

These are all kinds of cards that you need to collect for holding world-class gaming in Hearthstone. Start today with this fantastic game and start completing all the challenging missions to equip the bizarre cards.

Challenge eight players at the same time with this card game

Apart from the AI Training and PvP mode, Hearthstone also delivers one of the most inspiring gaming modes that you can’t get anywhere except Hearthstone – 8-player-tourney-mode. Yeah, You heard right! You and seven other competitors need to take on the roles of familiar Heroes straight out of WoW history. Moreover, You’ll also have to collect all the robust cards to build powerful troops, minions, and spells. And after all, You’ll have to make duel fights with all the random players until the top winner survive! Start enjoying it today!

Hearthstone mod Apk

Download the modified version for more enthusiasm

Hearthstone is initially a BOGOF Android game, which in simple words means a game containing premium in-app purchases. After having an annoying bigger gigabyte size, it’ll also irritate you with the costly in-app purchases like the resources, cards, legendary add-ons, and gems.

To develop a handy and loving gaming environment, we’ve modified the official version of Hearthstone and have set the Hearthstone MOD APK. It’s the bizarre recreation containing all your desired features like unlimited resources, gaming currency, and an entire ad-free gaming interface. Now is the time to give your first try to this excellent Android game; Click the below download link and start downloading right now!

The modification with an entirely unlocked gaming interface

Hearthstone MOD APK is offering you an entirely accessible unlocked gaming interface. You’re thinking right, as we’re offering you the free gaming modes, cards, and all the legendary add-ons, which can only get unlocked on a considerable profile level. After installing the modified version, You can simply enjoy all the high-level support at the initial level and employ them to defeat all small leveled gamers merely. Now It’s your time to start gaming and enjoy the eternal powers!

Now You won’t need root access for the advanced entertainment

Root access is a deadly breach for Android smartphones, as it not only interrupts the security walls of the smartphone but also destroys lots of the hardware and software supports inside the smartphone. You can void your device’s warranty, lower your battery capability and brick your phone just for a few moments of fun.

Stop rooting and download the games like Hearthstone MOD APK, as this modified version is offering you the root-free gaming interface. In Simple Words, You can enjoy every feature of Hearthstone MOD APK without having a rooted smartphone. Enjoy it!

Hearthstone mod Apk

Modification is a brilliant choice holding a zero-ad interface

If You’re going for the official or the Play Store version of Hearthstone, then You’ll get discouraged after hearing that it’s an ad-filled Android game. But still, there is a spirit of happiness if you’re downloading Hearthstone MOD APK. The modified version can deliver you a thoroughly ad-free interface without charging you a single additional dollar. So stop getting stuck in ads, and start employing Hearthstone MOD APK!

Hearthstone Mod Apk Information:

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />Hearthstone unlimited gold

Hearthstone Mod Apk
Platform Android
Mod Features Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Dust & Unlimited Packs
Size 80M
Version 18.2.57893
Category Cards
Root Required? No
Price Free
Get it on ” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />Download from Google Play

Hearthstone MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Dust
  • Unlimited Packs
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • Hearthstone Mod APK file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • Auto-sync with the game
  • No need to root your Android device!

About the game

Did you love seeing yu-gi-oh or Duel Masters back in the day? Or maybe you just loved imagining living in a world where cards could summon magical monsters from another world? If it’s a yes to any one or all of the above then Hearthstone is the game for you. You will be able to get Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Dust, and Unlimited Packs with Hearthstone Mod Apk.

What to do in here?

You have to pick up your cards and then throw them down into the gauntlet. Here, you okay the role of a hero trapped in a whimsical and last paced game of cards which requires a cunning strategy to win. You may also like to play Dragon Nest M MOD.

You will be bringing forth minions, summoning spells, unleashing powerful cards, and more to take control of an ever-changing battlefield. Whether you are a rookie or have experience behind you, Hearthstone will draw you in any way. Get Unlimited Gold with Hearthstone MOD.

Game Features:

  1. There are introductory missions, which will introduce you to Hearthstone’s world of intuitive gameplay.
  2. There are hundreds of cards that will help you hone your craft and win the game. As you grow, so does your collection.
  3. Your card collection is part of your account so it won’t ever get lost and you can easily switch between desktop and tablet to play with ease.
  4. There are practice matches against AI heroes of the Warcraft universe. Uther, Thrall, Gul’dan and more, are all there
  5. The game supports English, Deutsch, François, Español, and Simplified Chinese languages. With our mod get Unlimited Gems in Clash Royale.

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />Hearthstone apk android

How to download and install Hearthstone MOD APK on Android

The mod apk file is very easy to install:

  1. Just click the download button below
  2. Wait until the file is downloaded then open it
  3. Install Hearthstone Mod Apk file on your Android device
  4. Follow the instructions inside
  5. Start and Enjoy the Mod

Make sure you checked the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings



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