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High School Story MOD APK 5.4.0 (Unlimited Coins/Rings/Books) Free For Android

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High School Story MOD Apk Download All unlocked ( No Root, For Android/iOS,  Latest Version 2020) Free Download under here you can easily play this new game and use unlimited coins, upgrade till max this is awesome for new guys, here you can download the official apk it is 100% safe, and this High School Story apk Download is amazing now enjoy. Here you got its working hurry up guys.


High School Story Game is a popular computer application developed for students as a part of their English essay project. Surviving High School is basically a game that is centered on High School theme with all the same activities that are usually done by an adolescent when he/she is still in High School and is still studying. The game presents students with the challenge of surviving during the graduation day events from High School. It includes the entire scenario of surviving through the events of graduation day, starting from being a new student in High School to achieving success in college and beyond.

Graphics and Visual Quality

There are various achievements awarded for the player throughout the game play and these are based on the player’s performance during the game play. The player can also earn titles such as achiever, top scorer, best student and many more. The player’s activities are monitored by the in-game screen which displays the game play statistics at the end of every event. In order to gain more points, various activities should be performed which gives the player experience points as well as make the player feel good.


Since the game is mostly based on the real life events that occurred during High School, the graphics and images used are mostly from the graduation, school activities, and other related school subjects and personalities. High School Story Game provides a unique gaming experience through its exciting game play scenarios, its exciting visual images and graphics, and its fully-unlocked High School Story Gameplay which give the players the liberty to determine the game’s difficulty level. Each event in the game has its own story and background, complete with illustrations and relevant events. Thus, students get the opportunity to learn about the basic story line of their High School experiences as they enjoy playing the game.


The game further provides students the opportunity to participate in exciting events that take place outside the classroom as well as inside the school. For instance, during the spring break, the students can go to the beach and participate in water sports. They can play volleyball with their college rivals; they can go boating on a lake with their friends; they can take a lazy walk with their buddies around the nature reserve in their campus; or they can play baseball in the park. These activities give the students the chance to socialize and build better communication skills. All these activities can be enjoyed alone or with a friend.

Effects & Sounds

High School Story Game is not just for socializing; it also helps in improving analytical thinking skills and helps improve memory skills. This is possible because students will use a variety of logic while participating in the game. They will also face various psychological challenges such as conflict and misunderstanding. Thus, learning is made easier and students will also learn how to handle different situations in the real world outside the classroom. Students will also be able to examine their logic, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.


High School Story Game can be used to introduce characters in a new story idea. It can also be used if you want to help a player develop a new concept. For example, if you are planning a scenario for your game and you need a student to come up with an idea, tell him/her about the theme of the story he/she is thinking of creating. Then, let the player develop this idea into a story using the characters from the game. This will create a fun activity for students and they will feel excited while working on the story.


During the development phase of the game, you can let the players work on developing the characters and the plot of the story. As the story develops, the players will add more characters, events, and places. Likewise, you can choose from a wide selection of story ideas and adapt them according to the game rules. Some story ideas can include fantasy, science fiction, mystery, and action.

Experience After Reviw

You may also choose to allow students to choose a character that represents themselves. This will make the story more interesting for students. Another good activity to do during development is to ask students to create a conflict for the story. Create a puzzle using the main conflict as the theme for the puzzle. Then, have the players to work on coming up with a solution to the problem they have created.


High School Story Game is a social networking game published and developed by SocialDeck. It is now available on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and it is available through the App Store or the Google Play Store on Android. In High School Story Game, you are to play as a high school girl and find the truth about your past. The game has many features like, photo galleries, a diary-type screen, a virtual tour of your high school and many more. If you love playing social networking games, then High School Story Game is for you!


High School Story Game is not just a regular text or picture based game. In fact, the text-based versions are much better. It would help if you could read some High School Story Game reviews online to know what other people think of this game’s quality and what not. These reviews will give you a good idea on what kind of high school years you are going to have, and how exciting and enjoyable the whole experience is.

Fully unlocked

This is a simple yet fun and exciting game that anyone can enjoy from the comfort of their home. You can also download High School Story Game for free from the Android Market if you don’t want to buy the premium version. The free version is very basic and only provides you with three characters. However, if you want to fully experience High School Story Game, then you can purchase the premium version and get access to ten different high school students including your favorite character. Aside from getting your favorite hero as your avatar, you can also choose the school you want your story to be set in.


There are many different choices you can make when playing High School Story Game. You can either create your own class and solve problems together or choose the specific character that you think will fit best into the role you created for yourself. There are also various settings for the game to give you more adventure and enjoyment. If you want a break from all the work and stress from your everyday life, you can play this game at night after your usual routine has been completed. You can also take this simulation game with you on your travels. The choice is all yours.


High School Story Game is definitely a great choice for a free game download. You can also play it alone and challenge your friends to beat you at this fun and exciting simulation game. Moreover, you can also download High School Story Game to play against other players online. This will surely give you a thrilling competition as you wait for your turn to be the top player in your high school class.


The story of High School Story Game starts when you find out that you have an unknown sixth grade boy as your crush. He is the star of a new game show called “High School Confidential”, which is broadcasted on several stations across the country. The whole world is involved in his life and you can follow his every move as he deals with all kinds of issues in his life. You will never be bored with High School Story Game because it gives you so much to do.


However, you have to be careful because High School Story Game may be very addictive. Once you have started playing with it, you will find that you cannot stop playing and you will want to play every day. The good news is that you can unlock some of the higher grades as free downloads in the Android app store. You can try to get them but be sure to save these files to your computer for future use.


Apart from the High School Story Game, there are several other apps that are also available in the Android app store for free. Some of them include: FarmVille: My Estate, Sudoku Plus, Draw Something Better, and the list goes on. These apps give you so much to do, but the one that will amaze you the most is the High School Story Game. Not only is it very exciting and fun to play, but it’s also filled with so much information that you won’t need any other reading material to refresh your memory.

Features of the High School Story Mod Apk:

  • For any android gaming app to be successful, the gamer has to ace the department of user interface which in simple terms talks about the ease and simplicity of playing the game and accessing its features. The concept has started to become more important that the makers made it a point to create a gameplay based on the most simplest and engaging user interface which can be understood by everyone irrespective of the technical background. All one needs is a simple touch on the screen of the android device.
  • While we initially download an android gaming app, it has happened that during the initial stages, we are fans of the game and as time proceeds, we start to lose interest in the game. This happens because the gamer gets bored of the basic limited fresh gaming content provided which becomes repetitive after a while. That is when the makers made it a point to design the gameplay using the best available gaming modes and difficulty levels that each put a certain skill of the gamer to test in a challenging gaming experience.
  • Whenever the gamer is provided with an opportunity to play the game with their friends, the fun and excitement of the game just goes to a whole another level. This is what the makers capitalised upon by creating a gameplay which is based on a specially crafted multiplayer gameplay which will allow you to play and enjoy the game with your friends and compete with the best of the players from all across the world for absolutely free.
  • The part that takes any android game to another level is the advantage of customisation. This is what the makers achieved by designing a gameplay which allows you to customise your virtual characters as per your preference. This is when the gamer gets the opportunity to create a character which suits and resembles their personality. You can choose what your character wears and how they look from the huge list of options available in the game.
  • For making the game even more interesting and engaging, the makers introduced the concept of a battle amongst the schools where you can compete with your rival school. You can also throw parties for the students and doing so will enable you to unlock around 30 unique characters from the game which shall help you in your own unique way during the gameplay. So gather your squad and be prepared to unlock what lies in store for you.

What’s more in the High School Story Mod Apk?

The game which lets you relive your high school days again through an engaging gameplay can be made more interesting through an advantage and that’s exactly what the mod apk offers in the form of getting unlimited coins which shall translate into endless carefree shopping from the store without worrying about the cost. This shall also enable you to get the best of the equipment and items from the initial stages of the game therefore helping you to take down the most difficult challenges and obstacles.

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High School Story Mod Apk File Information:

App Name High School Story
Version 5.4.0
Apk Size 79.4 MB
Android Version Requires 3.0 and up
Developer Pixelberry


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