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Legends of Heropolis v2.1.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

App Name Legends of Heropolis
Publisher Kairosoft Co.
Genre Simulation
Size 49M
Latest Version 2.1.7
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Kairosoft is a genius and impressive publisher that offers countless tycoon or idle games to relax and discover new things. Moreover, all of its products use retro graphics style to make player-friendly and accessible games to players, giving them as much entertainment experience as possible. This article will feature a product from that awesome publisher, and it’s called Legends of Heropolis, a typhoon game for players to manage a city for heroes.

Legends of Heropolis


The first thing that players need to do when coming to Legends of Heropolis is to acquire knowledge and commandments. Next is taking on a mayor’s job to build a super city for the righteous and a home for heroes. The game will also introduce an innovative and new typhoon system to bring players new knowledge of effective city management. Besides, the game will implement many new elements in the typhoon mechanism, and players can develop more special functions when building the city. In the future, players will have to recruit more special heroes, train them, or upgrade to fight the bad guys.


Legends of Heropolis uses a friendly and colorful retro graphics engine to give players the best visuals experience. It designed everything perfectly and modern, showing a special metropolis style for players to invest and build widely. Not only images for the entire city, but many other elements are designed with the iconic visual of the hero. Those things make the game more entertaining, and players will enjoy the unique quintessence of Kairosoft Co., Ltd’s retro graphics and other great things.

Legends of Heropolis


Heroes often introduced in stories or comics represent the righteousness and justice of the world. Therefore, Legends of Heropolis will introduce a hero recruitment system for players to build a security system for their world and their city. Through that system, new heroes will always appear with special abilities to impress the player. The game does not even have a limited number of heroes that players can recruit, giving them a wide choice to create the most powerful hero squads in the world.


The diversity of heroes is the main feature in the game, giving players plenty of opportunities to build more special squads to complete many missions. Each hero will also have a separate development system, and players can research new things as they spend a lot of time with them. The game wanted to focus everything on hero development, and it succeeded in creating the traits of looks, skills, performance, and more. Once players have recruited multiple heroes for the city, they can assign units to each building to promote hidden potential or generate revenue over time.

Legends of Heropolis


Besides the management of heroes, players need to focus on building cities to create a metropolis atmosphere for heroes. The construction system will introduce many effective tools for players to interact with the terrain or design infrastructure. Next is to give them access to a library of modern architectures with many different uses. Moreover, all the buildings will automatically operate under the idle mechanism and give players more bonuses when they reach enough time to collect. Finally, if the player assigns heroes with appropriate skills to buildings, their performance will greatly boost and give the player many attractive benefits.


An important feature of a typhoon game is its special upgrade system, which gives players access to many superior management features and improves the productivity of the idle system. Moreover, players can activate many passive buffs when they achieve a certain achievement in upgrading the city, making things more prosperous than ever. However, if the player wants to upgrade or expand the city, they will need to level themselves by completing the daily activities. The game will also bring players more exciting content in the future, and everything will give players new surprises to explore and entertain.

Legends of Heropolis

If you love the city building genre and develop it in specific details or structures, Legends of Heropolis will be a suitable game. Furthermore, it will adopt the heroes fighting for righteousness style, make everything more entertaining, and give players a new sense of the tycoon genre in general.

Legends of Heropolis MOD unlimited money — Your city of habitat Heropolis has been destroyed by enemies, and you need to punish them and rebuild the city and make it even better than before it was destroyed. Gather all your friends into a team and go to restore justice here. A secret base that only you and your friends will know about, change the city completely by building all the buildings anew and you will be in charge of the process, it depends on you what the renewed city will be like.


Stand up to defend your city, you are the heroes and your task is to punish all the villains! Improve your team of superheroes, renew the city and protect everyone in need. Create the strongest team of heroes in the world!

Legends of Heropolis is released by the famous developer Kairosoft. Unlike other games of Kairosoft, Legends of Heropolis has a fantasy color on the theme of superheroes. The story of Legends of Heropolis revolves around rebuilding the destroyed city. Fight the evil Evilcorp that always wants to destroy the city. Help superheroes do justice. And let’s revive a mighty Heropolis as before.

Build a city for heroes

When entering the game, players will be transformed into the role of a hero. Your mission is to build and defend the city of Heropolis. Before the powerful force of the enemy, you need the help of your friends. They are other heroes who also have the strength and a fighting spirit for justice. To invite them to join the battle to protect the city you need to build houses. Houses have a very important role because it helps heroes recover energy and health after battles. The better the house, the faster the energy will recover.

Legends of Heropolis apk

Destroy Evilcorp for the sake of justice

With the mission of a hero to protect justice and right, join the superheroes to fight Evilcorp. To enter each battle, press the attack button when you see any Evilcorp destroying the city. After pressing the button, the two opposing sides will appear in the same frame. The number of our troops and the enemy troops will be clearly displayed in the center of the screen. At the feet of the characters is the amount of blood. If your hero runs out of this health, you lose. And when Evilcorp has no more blood, you will succeed in destroying them.

Legends of Heropolis android

How to attack effectively

The way to attack the enemy of the game is very simple. You just need to press the attack power button in the lower right corner of the screen when you want to attack. To win in the most effective way, you need to keep the following things in mind. The first is about the allotted time for each match. Try to beat them in the allotted time. The second is to maintain the strength of the heroes. Just pause the attack for a while, the mana will automatically regenerate slowly. If you want to heal, hold the attack icon. Then the hero’s HP will gradually recover. Finally, equip more costumes to increase the power of our characters.

Legends of Heropolis mod apk

Costumes that increase strength

Going through the levels, in turn, the difficulty of the game will increase day by day. That means our enemies will become stronger and more numerous. So our heroic warriors also need to increase their strength to be able to defeat them. The way to increase that power is to equip the battle outfit. The costumes will protect the heroes very well. Reduces damage when attacked by Evilcorp and increases power when attacking them. New skins will appear in the match. Click on it to wear it.

The reward for the brave

The prize for the winner is extremely attractive. In matches, every time you kill an Evilcorp, a bonus will appear. The game will be divided into several levels with increasing difficulty. Each screen will include many doors. The final stage will appear Boss with terrible power. Defeat the Boss to collect great rewards. In addition to the generous amount of money, there are also attractive items. Collect lots of bonuses to quickly rebuild the peaceful and prosperous Heropolis as before.

Legends of Heropolis apk android

Building and protecting an entire city yourself is completely something you can do. Come to Legends of Heropolis mod and do this together. Be the one to bring justice and peace to the city of Heropolis. Defeat the evil Evilcorps. Participate in fiery battles with heroic friends. This will be an amazing and unforgettable experience for all players.

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