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Star Trek Timelines Mod Apk v8.0.1 (Unlimited Money) For Android

Download Star Trek Timelines Mod APK latest version for your android device and enjoy a new interaction Role playing action simulation game for free with unlimited money feature.

Introduction of Star Trek Timelines Mod Apk 2021

So we all love to play games but most of the time games aren’t that interesting. As a result, there are very few games developed with a futuristic theme and storyline. So if you’re in search of an amazing futuristic game then you’ll love this article. Star Trek Timelines, is a space-themed game where you’ll be doing many interesting things in the interstellar orbit. So if you like playing such types of games then you must give this game a shot too. With a completely new playing experience, this game brings a complete entertainment package for players who love playing space games. The overall theme of this game is pretty unique, therefore there isn’t any game as of now that we can relate to.

However, the gameplay is somewhat similar to other games but it’s with some modifications. Playing this game is the best thing you can do to kill your free time. The gameplay of this game is very funny and entraining, therefore you’ll enjoy playing this game even more. And because of this major reason players love this game and keep playing it again and again. It’s a very addictive game therefore it’s likely that you’ll spend most of your time playing this game. So if you’re ready to explore the depth of the universe then playing this game is the best thing you can do. If you like playing such types of games then download the star trek timeline mod apk for your android device. Read ahead to know more about the Star Trek timeline mod apk.

Details of Star Trek Timelines Mod Apk 2021

Name Star Trek Timelines Mod APK Download 2021 [Unlimited Money]
Version 8.0.1
Size 124  Mb
Google Play Link com.Scooply
Mod Features Unlimited Money
Latest Update 9-June-2021
Price Free
Genre Role Playing, Simulation, Action
Required Android 4.4+

Download Star Trek Timelines Mod APK Unlimited Money 2021 [35 MB]

The gameplay of Star Trek Timelines Mod Apk 2021

The basic gameplay of this game is very simple, you just have to fly spacecraft but it might get tricky sometimes so keep a note for that. But as for the background of this game, it is amazing, with a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5, the game has been downloaded by more than 1M+ players as of now. The developers of this game are Scooply studios.

The storyline of this game is that you’re the captain of a spaceship, now you have to join Starfleet to explore the space with your phasers. So you along with your group of phasers will have a chance to dive into the depths of space.

As you begin your journey nothing’s going to be easy, in every new place you’ll face challenges that you’ll have to overcome. Villains from star Trek have will show up at every level, so fight against them and bring your squad victory. You’ll be the commander of this spaceship so you’ll have to direct your team of star Trek hero characters. Along in the to become more strong you can buy new spacecraft or upgrade your current spaceship. So the gaming experience is very energetic. And if you liked the gameplay, you can discuss Star Trek Timelines Mod Apk for your android device.

Graphic Of Star Trek Timelines Mod Apk 2021


The visual graphics of this game are excellent, animation style, and the character design are very great. Also, the Starships and background environment is designed very precisely without any error. The game provides a fixed resolution of 1080p HD worth frame rates up to 60fps max.


The sounds of this game are very well defined, the soundtracks are modified digitally to give listeners a feel of a Galaxy game.

Features Of Star Trek Timelines Mod Apk 2021

Assemble Your Crew

There are all the characters from the series of star trek discovery in this game therefore you have wide choices to make your crew more powerful and guide them accordingly. Each Crew member has unique skills so choose your crewmate wisely.

Command Iconic Starships

In this game, you’ll get to command many different Starships including U.S.S. Enterprise, Voyager, and Shenzhou, the Klingon Bird-of-Prey and Sarcophagus ships, or even the Borg Cube, so the thrill is insane.

Join A Fleet

Though you can play this game in single-player mode you can play this game with friends too. Join different fleets in the game and participate in weekly events and collect combined rewards.

Engage your Enemies

From all around the world there are many captains like you trying to become the best of the best. And you can battle against them in a PVE mode or a PVP battle arena.

Climb The Leaderboards

When participating in events all that matters to get exclusive rewards is a higher rank in Leaderboards. Therefore to get the best rewards you’ll have to become the best captain in leaderboards.

Unlimited Money

You can buy new Starships, characters, types of equipment, etc in this game only with money. Therefore we’ve made this mod apk with Unlimited Money.

Steps to Download and Install Star Trek Timelines Mod Hack APK:

  • To download the Star Trek Timelines Mod Apk click on the download below in this article.
  • You’ll be getting redirected to our telegram channel to download the apk from there from a given link
  • Next allow the unknown sources in your device to download to complete the installation process
  • After everything completes you will get to enjoy the Apk features for sure.

Star Trek Timelines Mod

If you are here in search of the best MMO experienced game then we highly suggest you Star Trek Timelines Mod Apk. If you are wondering about the features and highlights then don’t worry we will elaborate everything in detail just stay tuned.

Star Trek Timelines Mod Apk

Star Trek Timelines Mod Apk

An MMO experience game with the most vibrant graphics is no doubt the Star Trek Timelines. You will be charged as the caption of your combat where you have to fight against the other forces to get control of the world in space.

You will be entered into the universe of stars, where you have to play with a strategy with opposing string forces.

You will the commander of your starbase, so explore the new world and seek new civilization. Build the most powerful emperor in the world of the galaxy.

Additional Information

Name Star Trek Timelines
Size 124MB
Ratings 4.1
Developed Scopely
Updated on 12 Feb 2021
Total Downloads 5 M+
Get it on Play Store
Category Games


Star Trek Timelines

Star Trek Timelines

The main highlights and features of this epic game are discussed one by one below. But keep in mind there are many other features of the game you will experience once you enter the game officially.

  • Experience Galaxy
  • Build Emperor
  • New Missions
  • Fiction War
  • Multiplayer
  • Upgrade Equipment
  • Conquer Inverse
  • Free
  • Graphics
  • Languages

Experience Galaxy

Have vast galaxy experience with epic conflict with the rest of the galaxy forces. The fight will be for taking the control of the universe and to rule as the commander.

Build Emperor

Build your emperor with the rest of your base. As mentioned the fight will be for taking the charge of the galaxy if you succeed in doing so then build your emperors.

New Missions

Every time you will enter in the mode of a new mission like saving the locals, fight against pirates and negotiate peace.

With every new mission, the interface of the game will be changed thus giving you the illusion of a completely new game so.

Fiction War

Enter into the fiction war of galaxy for the sake of the throne for the sake of authority. Lead your star fleet to get the glory and to conquer the entire universe.


Add multiple players from the entire world to play against them or add them to your team. You can play this game online thus having the active members list every time on the screen add them as your fleet whenever you want to start a new game.

Upgrade Equipment

Upgrade your spaceship along with the base camp. Upgrade the weapons you are using for the fight. Because the enemies you will be facing will have the best and strongly equipped weapon every time.

You have to get ready and make your fleet ready to get the charge of the fight to get the glory. Stay alert you will be charged with a fight by the foes in the galaxy.

Conquer Inverse

As mentioned the main reason behind the fight in the galaxy will be to conquer the world. The winning team will conquer the entire universe including the earth planet.


Star Trek Timelines Mod Apk is not only free to download but is free to play also you will not be asked for any registration fee or any personal information before getting into the game.


The game has the most vibrant graphics ever. As the main interface will have the galaxy and stars. Hence to make the user activity and get attracted the developers had put much in designing the interface of the game.


The game will be available in more than 20 languages. So you will never be bound to play in English only. Select language according to your area and understandability.


After reading the main highlights you are much clear about the details of the game. Star Trek Timelines Mod Apk game is adored by the players because of the intense graphics it has.

No doubt the game is worth downloading and playing. Once you get into the game you will never regret doing so.


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