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Introduce about Taichi Panda

When you have more than 1000 reasons to jump right into the super speed battles!

The plot doesn’t have to be obvious, it just gives the player a reason

The game context is about a fantasy martial arts world, inspired by the famous Kungfu Panda movie. In which, humans and special spirit beast masters work together to fight the evil forces. Although produced by a game developer in the US, the game’s idea is about Chinese martial arts with the main character being a big chubby panda. The combination of these seemingly unrelated things has created curiosity and excitement for the game.

Hit fast to win

The first highlight in Taichi Panda is that instead of having to choose and lock the target, the characters you will incarnate just need to move, attack. If the enemy is within the area of your ​​influence, they will be hit 100 %. Therefore, it may reduce the cumbersome side operations, making the player feel faster and more excited.

Taichi Panda for Android 1440x810

Taichi Panda also has simple and effective gameplay. The combat operation is very simple. The left bottom of the screen is the navigation keys, the right one is the skill buttons. One more element that any fighting game player will love is the extremely short levels. Each level usually lasts only a few minutes, but its quality is good every second. You will freely move and attack until the boss dies. Once winning, prepare for the next level right away!

The big challenge for players is to execute the right moves and combine combos to create consecutive attack sequences to kill the enemy as soon as possible. Note that no matter what character class you are playing, the cooldown time is quite slow. So, every time you are about to move or do a combo, you have to think carefully.

For the game levels to never have any overlap but excitement, the “boss team” in Taichi Panda also changes immeasurably. Each boss has its own strengths and weaknesses. If possible, you should take a few seconds to observe them to better target weak points for quick wins. When fighting, remember to pay attention to the yellow column next to the boss’s red blood column. This is its Prolific stat. When you attack with extreme combos, this Prolific column will drop quickly. When it reaches 0, the boss will fall into a fainting state for a few seconds. This is a great time for you to finish the game.

Beautiful, attractive, outstandingly talented hero characters

Taichi Panda gives you four character lines from the beginning, you will not be pressured to unlock each of them like many other role-playing games. These four powerful characters include two animal characters, Taichi Panda and the Fox Mage, and two human characters, Treasure Hunter and Glorious Warrior. Each character can carry one summoned beast to support in battle. And during the game, you can upgrade your character’s level, including upgrading skills, weapons, and skills of the summoned beasts (through soul stones).

Taichi Panda MOD APK download 1440x810

The class of the characters can be selected according to your preferences and scenes. You will have 5 classes with completely different advantages and disadvantages.

  • Warrior class, you can have a wide combat ability with many powerful close moves and have much blood.
  • Fairy class, you can use magic to make strong damage in a wide range, but you just have an average amount of blood and not much defense ability.
  • Fighter class, you can give melee attacks well, your defense stat is extremely high, and it requires high teamwork.
  • Assassin class, you can give the most powerful damage, you will be the most flexible, and agile compared to the other classes, but you are weak in melee and have little defense.
  • Bivals class, you are capable of long-range combat with guns, at good damage and speed, you can control nature in a few limits, but it’s quite difficult to combine combos.

Depending on the situation and playing skill, each player can have their own choice. You see, this variety of classes is an extremely strong point of Taichi Panda.


To bring a feeling of great joy in visuals, Taichi Panda provides players with a huge number of “toys” according to a specific quality hierarchy: the good ones are purple, the great ones are orange, and finally the Champion ones.

Both the soul stone used to create and upgrade summoned beasts and these magical items can be found by completing quests. Sometimes, they can appear in Epic treasure crates scattered throughout the game. To open these Epics, you will need to collect enough Diamonds which can be obtained during missions or purchased from real money of players. Note: These items can be upgraded during the game.

The big world

Here I want to talk about the game modes and the endless expansion in each mode. If you play Multiplayer, you can play PvP, 1vs1 or 3vs3, it’s up to you. If you like, you can also team up with 2 other players to go through dungeons in Dungeon Mode. The more you play, the higher level you go, the more cool abilities you will unlock in Multiplayer such as joining a guild, challenging to win special prizes (like the first arena in the Kungfu Panda movie).

Graphics and sound

Just the first second you enter the game, you will be surprised because the 3D graphics are so beautiful. Each character is fully invested in shape, appearance, gait, and movement. The Panda is big, majestic, the Fox Mage is small and flexible, the Glorious Warrior is mighty and majestic, the Treasure Hunter is sexy. Each person has a perfect look in every detail. The bosses are diverse and extremely detailed too.

There are many short levels in the game, but each scene is different. You will enter a colorful adventure, through dark dungeons, the beautiful garden like heaven, and even the gloomy desert… But wherever the characters are, they are all placed in a colorful, bright context, to the point where just looking at it makes you want to play. And it’s also suitable for all ages with different game tastes.

Taichi Panda on APKMODY 1440x810

The sound is also an attractive material that creates a solid position for this fighting role-playing game. You can hear interesting voiceovers, which can tell the personality of each character. Every time the heroic voice (or even the voice of the boss) sounds, I get goosebumps because it’s so good. Sometimes I forget that I’m playing a game, just feel like I’m watching a martial arts movie.

MOD APK version of Taichi Panda

MOD features

  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Skills

Download Taichi Panda MOD APK for Android

It is such a great fighting role-playing game where you can launch martial arts moves with joy. It is also where you can see so many beautiful pictures including beautiful characters, sexy heroines. Moreover, it has so many short levels lasting for just a few minutes, which make you get addicted to each one you go through. Is there enough reason to invite you to the world of Taichi Panda?

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What’s the Specialty of Taichi Panda Mod Apk?

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Taichi Panda Mod Apk

The Features Of Taichi Panda Mod Apk

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