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TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars v15.2.1.567 MOD APK (Damage/God Mode/Skills)

App Name TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars
Publisher Backflip Studios
Genre Strategy
Size 115M
Latest Version
MOD Info High Damage/God Mode/Unlimited Skills
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TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars is a platform game that simulates the wars of robots. This is a game that attracts many people around the world with millions of turns to participate in battles. In this game, the player needs to make all of his strongest armies. Those armies are robots, from which we participate in fighting with armies from other planets.

TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars (MOD, Damage/God Mode)

Especially in this game, the robots will be designed and shaped very nicely. Besides, the movements’ effects are also highly realistic, creating a sense of excitement for the player. As a game player based on tactical elements, the game requires a lot of thinking and skill from the player. Start your journey of fighting and become the strongest people on earth through this game.


The first thing that impresses all players is the interface of the TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars game. The interface has been meticulously designed by the application development team, creating an effective first impression on all players. The graphics are designed with the 3D effect of one of the factors that make this game successful.

TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars (MOD, Damage/God Mode)

This game provides users with more than 100 different features, each with its own unique features and usefulness. The mandatory task of each player in this game is to build a space bridge, the purpose of the building is to be able to summon the most powerful classic heroes. From there, you can join battles with the most comprehensive lineup. This game gives players famous characters from world classics, so that also brings special excitement for players.

Through the systems and modes around the world, players will form alliances for themselves. Start showing your strengths and talents through competitive matches, and participate in in-game events to receive attractive rewards. In each game mode, players will be joined by many talented and influential people around the world, so you need to have separate plans for your allies to win the game. The battle is full of fierce ahead.

TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars (MOD, Damage/God Mode)


TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars is a skill-based game platform for characters, so our application development team focuses on developing and perfecting characters’ skills within this game. Each character in the game will be equipped with separate skills. Therefore, players need to choose suitable characters and the skills of that character to contribute positively to each match. Make full use of all the potentials and strengths in each of your characters so that you can easily gain the upper hand in battles.

Let’s change the form to deploy more effective attack tactics. Thus, new players can easily turn the situation around in demanding and challenging matches. Proceed to protect your character from the dark forces by building the strongest fortresses. Besides the elements above, all the characters in this game are always looking for surprise elements, so please trust your character.

TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars (MOD, Damage/God Mode)


In the game TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars, besides the elements of character as well as strategy, players are also provided with outstanding advantages that the application brings. This is entirely free to download the digital game for all mobile device platforms on the market today so that all users everywhere can easily join the experience and explore.

However, if you want to add and upgrade your game, make an in-app purchase, which will cost you, but of course, your game mode will be significantly upgraded, and you will experience wonderful feelings. This is a game for people aged 13 and over, so please be careful when exposing your child to this game.

TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars (MOD, Damage/God Mode)


In order for the TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars game to be played, our system needs to collect usage data from the users, which is a mandatory requirement of each player at the start of the game. Currently this game is available in most game stores, so that every player can easily search and download it to their device. Let’s start to experience the feeling of surreal combat with your robot warriors, conquer the earth with your own strength.

Transformers: Earth Wars is an online strategy game that tells the story of a long struggle between two races of transformers – Autobots and Decepticons. On planet Earth arrive Decepticons led by Megatron. They aim to take all natural resources from the bowels of the Earth to create an Energy component. To protect humanity sent Autobots led by Optimus Prime. Now only the player depends on which of the robot factions will win.

At the beginning of the game it is offered to choose the party of the conflict for which the user wants to play. You can feel like a Savior of the Earth, choosing the Autobots, and all-powerful villain, choosing the Decepticons. After selecting a faction, a global map appears, where you will have to undergo training, build several infrastructure facilities, kill the first enemy attacking the base. After that, the fun begins – the action is transferred to the battlefield. There will have to use all the tactical knowledge and wit to win over the enemy.

The graphics and sound in the game are beautiful. They are forced to plunge headlong into the vicissitudes of the struggle between the two races of transformers and head carried away in the gameplay. Transformers: Earth Wars – a good strategy that is sure to appeal to fans of comics, cartoons and movies about transformers.


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